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Learn all about the Boxer Breed

From taking your boxer home for the first time to feeding and potty training, you'll get tons of info on caring for your new family member.

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    Funny Boxer Videos

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    Pool Diving Boxer

    This is Rex. He is a full blooded Boxer. Rex loves to swim completely underwater and dive into the pool. Rex has been on TV many times, the [...]
  • Amazing-Brown-Boxer-Dog-Face-Pic

    The Breed

    Low Maintenance: Infrequent grooming is required to maintain upkeep. No trimming or stripping needed. Moderate Shedding: Routine brushing will [...]
  • Boxer_Portrait

    Boxer Health

    All dog breeds are susceptible to certain illness and health conditions. While a Boxer may be susceptible to certain ailments, this does not mean [...]

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